Music in my heart…

Goldsand's Sonnet Of Music

Cavall Copper Rachenco Boomerang  GBCH Camrose Cabus Christopher 
 Alexia of Tillwood Rachenco
 Dyceford Haneysuckle Of Cavall GBCH Camrose Fabius Tarquin 
 Rachenco Noble Heidie of Dyceford
 Goldsand's Symphony Of Music  Dasty Special Edition  Verdayne Dandini of Davern
 Petrina's Golden Penny
 Dainty's What About Music  Daintys Having It All
 Dainty's Dream About Music

DKCH Gembæk's Joy Of Music

KBHV87 KISG89 KBHV90 Mathew KBHV81 DKCH INTCH BDSG Crouchers Xavier  GBCH Stradcot Simon Of Crouchers 
 Anbria Selina
 Tallygold Gentle Gina NCH KBHV82 WA Camillo 
 Tallygold Pretty-Cici
 Goldsand's Sonnet Of Music Cavall Copper  Racheno Boomerang 
 Dyceford HoneySuckle
Of Cavall
 Goldsand's Symphony Of Music  Dasty Special Edition
 Sainty's What About Music

INTCH EUROPAWINNER 2003 DKCH SVCH NORV00 KBHV02 DKKV02 Gembæk's What An Affair Of Music

Gills's Garfield FIN CH Lovehayne Darter  Sansue Castalian 
 GB CH Sansue Pepper of Lovehayne
 Ferryside Fahsion for Twinkle  Fernavy Demetrius
Dainty's United Forever 
 DK.CH Gembæks Joy of Music  Mathew   KBHV81 DKCH INTCH BDSG Crouchers Xavier
 Tallygold Gentle Gina
 Goldsand's Sonnet Of Music  Cavall Copper
 Goldsand's Symphony Of Music

KBHV05 Gembæk's Too Much Music

Inassicas Classic Touch Friendship Clasic Fanfare  NCH SFCH INTCH NORDCH
Mjaerumhøgda's Classic Sound 
 NCH Perrimay Fadilla
 Inassicas Marie Rouge Styal Samarkand 
 Inassicas Elektra
 NORDV2000 Gembæk's
What An Affair
of Music
 Gills's Garfield  FIN CH Lovehayne Darter
 Ferryside Fahsion for Twinkle
 DK.CH Gembæks
Joy of Music
 Goldsand's Sonnet Of Music

Inassicas Classic Touch

Friendship Clasic Fanfare NCH SFCH INTCH NORDCH Mjaerumhøgda's Classic Sound  SFCH Noravon Cornelius 
NCH NORDCH Gitles Natascha 
 NCH Perrimay Fadilla GBCH Stirchley Saxon 
 Perrimay Sea Fantasy
 Inassicas Marie Rouge Styal Samarkand  GBCH Nortonwood Faunus 
 GBCH Styal Susila
 Inassicas Elektra Pinecrest Byron 
 Blågul's Inassica

SU(u)CH Gembæk's Smoke On The Water    


Nordic Winner 99 NCH Kulawand Rainbow Man GBCH Nortonwood Silvanus  GBCH Nortonwood Checkmate 
 Westley Sabrina of Nortonwood
 GBCH Kulawand Krystal GBCH Sansue Golden Ruler 
 Kulawand Sancatrina
 Inassicas Stand by Me SV-97 Marjamez Masterpiece  GBCH Elswood The Highlander 
 GBCH Gaineda Imperial Ice
 Inassicas Stephanie Janward Dollar 
 N.CH Friendship Giety Girl of Inassicas